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Portable Shaft Handlers

Heavy Duty Powered Shaft Handlers

Heavy Duty Lift and Turn Shaft Handlers

Heavy Duty Shaft Handlers

Schlumpf offers heavy duty shaft handlers with the ability to lift, turn and rotate air shafts and shafted products. Custom tooling is available as an option to ensure the handler is equipped with the capabilities to do exactly what you need it to do and improve production floor
Capacities up to 2,200 lbs (1000 kg)

Shaft Handlers

Light Duty Shaft Handlers

Light Duty Shaft Handlers

Schlumpf’s ESH portable electric shaft handling machines are versatile tools for many shaft handling applications. Designed for portability, ease of use and flexibility, this 24 volt battery powered shaft handling machines make lifting, inserting, extracting and transporting heavy shafts, reel spools and tissue core plugs safe
and easy