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Operator safety is Armanni USA’s main concern.

Every step is taken to ensure our powered trucks and stackers create a safer and ergonomically sound production environment for operators. Armanni trucks serve as the platform for many of Schlumpf’s roll and shaft handling machines. They are also an excellent solution for every day material handling problems in industrial warehouses, shops and plants.

Armanni is well known for its flexibility and willingness to make alterations, specials & completely custom equipment. Need a taller mast? No problem! Need shorter or longer legs or a custom frame? No problem! Need a fully stainless steel truck for corrosive environments or wash down duty? No problem! Just ask!

Electric Stackers

The electric stacker models offer a variety of maneuvering and handling capabilities. The units can be equipped with a variety of options to handle products and pallets.

Semi-Electric Stackers

Semi-electric stackers combine manual traction and electric elevation. This is the ideal solution for moving medium-light loads.

Powered Movers and Tow Trucks

TPT AC-evo is the safest way to tow rolling or trailered loads.

Electric Pallet Trucks

Pallets Trucks by Armanni USA are easy to use pallet movers that allow operators to quickly and safely move pallets or materials on your production floor, warehouse or almost any work area.

Drum Handlers

Armanni USA prides itself on offering a full variety of Drum Handlers that are designed and built to meet our customers’ special needs.

Stainless Steel Equipment

Armanni USA offers stainless steel powered truck equipment for food grade, clean room and corrosion resistant applications

Conhersa Multi Terrain Pallet Jacks & Stackers

Conhersa’s specialized all-terrain pallet trucks and stackers are the perfect solution.

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What We Offer

Schlumpf is the leader in roll handling and custom ergonomic handling equipment.

We deliver precision, high-quality products to our end users.  Our emphasis is designing equipment that not only increases safety in your operations but is easy to use.  Learn how we can help you solve your materials handling challenges.

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