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Drum Handling


Schlumpf, your source for Armanni drum and barrel handlers

Many machine shops handle coolant, lube oil, way oil and chips in 55 gallon steel drums, but lifting, transporting and emptying heavy drums is difficult, time consuming and potentially unsafe.

With heightened awareness of efficiency and skyrocketing medical costs, having a safe, fast and easy way to handle drums is a key to both productivity & profitability. Economical Armanni drum handling equipment and systems protect your workers and your bottom line. We offer numerous options for shops large and small to handle and transport drums with weights to 880 lbs (400 kg):

Drum Handler Features and Options

  • Standard and Custom Models Available
  • Frontal or side tipping
  • Hand or foot pump operated with manual transport
  • Battery powered hydraulic drum lift with manual transport
  • Fully electric drum lift and transport
  • Manually attached and tightened drum clamp
  • Hydraulic outside drum clamp
  • Manually operated drum turner / tipper
  • Fully powered electric drum tipper
  • Available in Stainless steel construction for corrosive environments

Drum Handler Models Overview Sheet

Armanni equipment complies with all ANSI B56 design and safety standards.

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