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Core Chucks and Safety Chucks

Schlumpf’s Unwind Stands deliver superior performance and quality.

Designed and manufactured by Schlumpf’s world class team in Windham, Maine, Schlumpf is here to become your turnkey roll handling and processing supplier!

Pneumatic Core Chucks

Schlumpf’s line of core chucks are high performance chucks designed to positively grip the core and minimize damage. A variety of expansion options and easy to attach adapters make the SD series the ideal chuck for any demanding application.


Safety Chucks

Safety Chucks are used to hold a roll on a rotating shaft and are usually used on payoffs/unwinds and take-ups/rewind. The safety handwheel design closes and locks the shaft journals into the chuck when the roll is rotated to ensure the shaft will not fall out during machine setup and operation. They are the safe alternative to carrier bearings on shaft ends.


Quick-Grip Mechanical Core Chucks

Schlumpf’s Quick Grip torque activated core chucks grip the core as soon as the web is under tension. They are commonly used in sheeter and corrugator applications because they do not require air pressure to actuate which keeps operation almost fool-proof.


Uni-Grip Shaft Mounted Adapter Chucks

The Uni-Grip Shaft Mounted Adapter Chucks are more durable and easier to use than low quality tire chucks prevalent in the industry. Simply put: we make the best tire chuck. They are ideal for lower torque (lower web tension) and low inertia applications. Textiles, medical grade facilities and light duty coating applications commonly use these because they are clean and do not require compressed air.


Core Chuck Adapters

The SD Core Chuck Line is designed (and was the first to offer) a quick-change adapter principle. The SD quick change adapters enable operators to quickly and easily setup the machine to run with varying core size.


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