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Safety Chucks


Schlumpf Safety Chucks provide users and operators a safe and secure handling and loading method for your rolls.

The face of the safety chuck features a tilt-able handwheel with a shaft journal seat that securely holds the shaft and roll during operation. The handwheel is designed to automatically close and engage the core shaft ends if the roll is rotated; this prevents the roll from accidentally falling out and causing serious damage or injury.

The journal seats are hardened to a point that ensures the handhweel is the sacrificial element between the shaft journals and the safety chuck. It is much more cost effective to replace a handwheel journal seat than it is to replace the shaft end of an air shaft.

  • Easy to install in existing Unwind and Rewinds
  • Lower Cost and Safer Alternative
  • Journal to fit existing shaft ends
  • Safe method for holding existing air/expansion shafts

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Schlumpf USA is the leader in roll handling and custom ergonomic handling equipment.

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