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Lift Tables and Platforms

Schlumpf’s lift tables and lift platforms, superior performance and quality.

At Schlumpf, we offer a range of options for customers looking for lift tables. We are confident that we can meet your needs, regardless of your industry or application. Custom solutions are available for clients with highly-specialized needs.


Gamma Portable Lift Table

GAMMA portable lift tables are available in electronic/hydraulic units powered by a 12V battery as well as manually powered; these are the ideal machine for lifting equipment, materials and tools in production environments.

Lifting Capacities to 1,736 lbs (800 kg)

Gamma Lift Tables are compact portable lifting tables that alleviate a multitude of ergonomic issues surrounding the heavy lifting and carrying of heavy materials and items. The Gamma lift table units feature a high lifting capacity of 48 inches (1475 mm).

They Gamma is available as electric or manually powered models. Both are easy to use while the electric option offers a high degree of convenience and continuous lift speeds.

Gamma Lift Tables


Max Lifting Weight 1,736 lbs (800 kg)
Vertical Lift Capacity 48 in (1475 mm)
Power Options 12VDC or Manual



TE Stationary Electric Lift Table

TE electric lifting tables are stationary lifting tables that operate on three-phase 380/220 V. It is an ideal solution for a large number of applications such as loading/unloading goods to/from motor vehicles, a connection between different work cells, servicing machines and many other industrial and non-industrial uses.

Lifting Capacities to 11,023 lbs (5000 kg)

TE Stationary lift platforms and tables are electric lifting tables powered by a three-phase 380/220 V control unit directly wired to industrial power.

A full variety of standard designs are available while this series of tables are frequently customized to ensure their optimal operation and that the operators and users receive the maximum benefit of powered equipment and automation.

TE Lift Tables


Max Lifting Weight 11,023 lbs (5000 kg)
Vertical Lift Capacity Custom
Power Options 3-Phase 380VDC

*Custom Capacities Available


TM Portable Manual Lift Table

TM is a manual lifting table in which the table is lifted by means of a double-effect manual pump; its use is the ideal solution for a large number of problems related to the movement of loads such as machine tools and dies, and CNC tombstones.

Lifting Capacities to 2,204 lbs (1000 kg)

Configurable with platforms of different possible dimensions, the TM portable manual lift table can be used to move loads of up to 2200 lbs (1000 Kg) and lift up to height of 51 inches (1300 mm). The units are customizable and can be equipped to handle larger loads and taller heights.

TM Lift Tables


Max Lifting Weight 2,204 lbs (1000 kg)
Vertical Lift Capacity 51 in (1475 mm)
Power Options Manual

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