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Portable Roll Handling Equipment

Schlumpf’s portable roll handling lifts, carts, dollies & custom equipment, superior performance and quality.

Designed and manufactured by Schlumpf’s world class team in Windham, Maine, Schlumpf is here to become your turnkey roll handling and processing supplier!


Portable Roll and Reel Handlers

Portable Roll and Reel Handlers are available in Manual (push) and Powered (electric) configurations and are used to lift and turn, load, unload and transport a variety of products including reels, rolls, equipment and a wide variety of materials.

Light Duty Roll and Reel Handlers

Lift and Turn Handlers by Schlumpf are portable machines used to lift and turn, load and unload a variety of products depending on tooling choice. A full range of options are available that allow for features such as powered assist, push-assist, interchangeable tooling, alignment probes and many others.  Learn More

Capacities up to 400 lbs (181 kg)    *Dependant on roll specifications

Heavy Duty Roll and Reel Handlers

Powered Roll Handling Trucks are used to lift, turn, transport load and unload rolls and products. Tooling options include, gripping by the ID (inside diameter) or OD (outside diameter), custom tooling designs are available that offer productivity enhancing benefits.  Learn More

Capacities up to 2,200 lbs (1000 kg)*  *Dependent on roll specifications

Portable Roll Carts

Floor based roll carts for moving, either manual (push) or powered, lifting and transporting rolls and materials. A variety of options are available to meet most application requirements and and custom applications are regularly supplied by Schlumpf. Custom capacities available.


Portable Roll Dollies

Schlumpf VCRD roll dollies offer an inexpensive way to transport rolled materials throughout your plant. VCRD dollies also keep your valuable material clean and off the floor. Custom capacities available.


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What We Offer

Schlumpf is the leader in roll handling and custom ergonomic handling equipment.

We deliver precision, high-quality products to our end users.  Our emphasis is designing equipment that not only increases safety in your operations but is easy to use.  Learn how we can help you solve your materials handling challenges.

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