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Unwind Stands and Rewind Stands

Schlumpf’s Unwind Stands deliver superior performance and quality.

Designed and manufactured by Schlumpf’s world class team in Windham, Maine, Schlumpf is here to become your turnkey roll handling and processing supplier!

Floor Pick-up Unwind Stands

Schlumpf offers standard models and custom designed floor pickup unwind stands that deliver high performance and reliable durability. They feature forged spindles, precision linear bearings and ways and intuitive long life control systems and boxes. The unwinds stands can be equipped with conventional braking systems or efficient re-gen systems to ensure you save money.

Core Sizes: 70mm – 12″
Maximum Torque: up to 19,116 in-lbs


Cantilevered-Traversing Unwind Stands

Cantilevered Unwind Stands are an art form that Schlumpf has mastered. The traversing feature can be designed as a fixed mechanical or a programmable ratio driven by a servo motor for ultimate flexible operation.

The stand can be bi-directionally driven for driven unwind and rewind applications.


LT Pedestal Type Unwind Stands

Schlumpf designs pedestal type unwind stands for a variety of applications and is able to offer integrated crane lifting and loading controls into your application for a seamless upgrade or new unwind stand installation.


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What We Offer

Schlumpf is the leader in roll handling and custom ergonomic handling equipment.

We deliver precision, high-quality products to our end users.  Our emphasis is designing equipment that not only increases safety in your operations but is easy to use.  Learn how we can help you solve your materials handling challenges.

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